Plymouth Manager

Manage your plymouth with ease

And now I need of you…

The work for the version 1.6.1 and for the Oneiric repo are terminated but now I need of the revision to the localizations…please help me in the translation here


Plymouth Manager…about my current working

Hello every,

From a lot of time I don’t write here but in this time the works on PM are continued.

Shortly I will release the version 1.6.1 for the Ubuntu Oneiric’s repository

This version will have a lot of interesting change. New functions and a lot of bug fix and themes

Stay tuned ;)

Plymouth Manager’s ppa work good

I fix a problem whith the project’s ppa.

Thank you pi-rho who helped me

Plymouth Manager 1.5.0

Hello people I release the version 1.5.0!

In this version I modify it…

  • Move the download platform from DropBox to Launchpad
  • Add a button to improve a fix for the burg problem
  • Add a button to download a new themes’s list (if there is)

about Plymouth Manager…

I have two important news about this little project!

The first is that I will change the theme’s download platform. I will move from Dropbox to Launchad

The second is that the package plymouth-manager will be included in Ubuntu 11.10

1.4.2, final themes’s bug fix

I just release the version 1.4.2 which contains the final fix for the themes’s problem

Plymouth Manager 1.4.1

The new version is out. It contains a fix for the installations of the themes

Plymouth Manager 1.4.0

As I promised I release this version with the support for the localizations! Enjoy it

Plymouth Manager 1.3.2-1 on ppa

I upload this version to the package ppa. It is a semi-stable version because it is a test of the uploading of file python in launchpad and it is a test for the localizations! In this days I will release the official version (1.3.3)

Plymouth Manager needs of your help

The next version (1.3.1) is ready but I have a problem! I can’t upload it to the ppa for some problem with the deb file creation. Is there anyone who can help me?

If you can, please, email me…


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